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The Birel is a European chassis that has won many national and world championships and offers the highest quality product possible to karters in the world.

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Models Available:
R-Series | Q-Series | L-Series | N-Series

Birel R-Series
R series chassis present a traditional structure and are the development of the past series which reaped many successes on national and international levels.

  • Hubs, sprocket carries and disc carrier from the billet aluminium FreeLine and HQ series.
  • Brake pads guided by two 32mm pistons through a calliper that attaches directly to the bearing hanger.
  • Brake pads guided by pins and return springs coupled by a security system rendering it impossible to the pads to come away from the calliper.
  • Closed circuit brake pump with overflow capacity (CR series) Brake balancer with adjustability to maximize perfect braking.
  • Front brake callipers offer a fixed position and single piston operated 32mm piston diameter brake unit.
  • The floating front discs are mounted apon a hub assembly that allows quick and effective chassis width adjustment through the independent wheel hub.
  • Floating front discs are fully auto-ventilated.
  • BBS (Brake Balance System) brake unit to optimise brake balance between front and rear.

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Birel Q-Series
This chassis series does not follow the traditional route, but comes up with extremely innovative ideas.

  • Both 30 and 32 mm tube diameter obtains correct weight distribution and rigidity until performant on every track in any condition.
  • New rear brake calliper featuring an hydraulic system not dependant on the mechanical system, thus preventing the overheating of the brake fluid and the positively enhancing braking time during a race.
  • Closed brake system with the advanced recuperation capacity.
  • Extractable 10 litre fuel tank with gear lever (CQ32Y) with direct selector and moulded ergonomic hand gripped clutch lever and 3,5:1 differential breakdown ratio.
  • Stub axle set up on sealed bearings.
  • Removable 10 litre fuel tank.
  • Direct rod gear stick (CQ32X) and ergonomic clutch grip.
  • 3.5:1 overdrive ratio.

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Birel L-Series
L series chassis are specifically designed for inexperienced drivers, and combine good handling and safety features.

  • Double pumping rear brake calliper fixed at the axle bearing.
  • Guided pads with pins and return springs with a safety system to prevent the pads dropping out of the calliper.
  • Cast iron brake disc.
  • Machined aluminium hubs, sprocket carrier and disc carrier.
  • Stub axle set up on sealed bearings.

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Birel N-Series
This entirely new chassis has been expressly designed for rentals and endurance races implementing totally innovative concepts.

  • Over dimensioned brake system for top safety.
  • Seat support with basket structure fastened to chassis at four points.
  • High resistance special plastic alloy steering linkage.
  • Pedal board for quick adjustment to driver's height.

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